Sesam software- and service components

Sesam is the first SAP BI as a Service solution. The application will be installed in 20 days in Microsoft Cloud Germany which can be accessed from everywhere. It complies with the latest technical safety standards, and has its seat in Frankfurt. On request Sesam can be installed locally.
Sesam is based on preconfigured components of the SAP Business Warehouse, the SAP Enterprise Portal and Microsoft Azure. The range of functions includes standard reports standard dashboards, self-service BI as well as templates for sales planning and company-specific applications. Thanky to templates individual, company-specific applications can be built time- and cost-efficiently. Operation, support and further development are outsourced to the Sesam support team. Sesam is a rental solution which does not require any initial investment.


SAP Business Warehouse

Do you want simple, clear and up-to-date reporting which unifies, analyzes and evaluates the data from various management systems?

Sesam provides many different standard and ad-hoc reports. Unlike ordinary data processing systems, Sesam can easily store and process large data volumes. The reports are accessible by the SAP Enterprise Portal. The SAP Enterprise Portal is state of-the-art, and is provided with a ribbon in MS Excel style.

Sesam vorkonfiguriertes Buiness Warehouse
Sesam Plug&Play

Implementation within 20 days

Do you want a quick and economic Business Intelligence solution that you can use as fast as possible?

Thanks to the pre-configuration, Sesam can be connected with your SAP ERP in 20 days. The installation is free of charge. Immediately after the installation you have access to all Sesam standard reports and you can analyze your data.

Sesam cloud solution (optional)

Do you need reporting to which you have access anytime and anywhere, even if you are not on site in your company?

Sesam is installed in the Microsoft Cloud Germany and is directly accessible by web browser. Local software installations are not required. If you have network access, you have access to your company figures anytime and you can study the reports on the move.

Sesam Cloudlösung
Sesam Betrieb, Support und Weiterentwicklung

Operation, support and

further development

Would you like to have a Business Intelligence solution which relieves your IT department and swallows no additional resources for maintenance?

We provide operation and support for Sesam as well as the further development. You can focus exclusively on analyzing the reports and always benefit from the most recent and up-to-date version.

Monthly fee

Do you want a BI solution whereby you do not have high costs at the beginning and you can track your costs in the long run transparently?

With Sesam you invest a fixed sum each month. The fee includes the usage of Sesam, the Microsoft Cloud Germany, as well as operation, support plus updates of the software. You do not have to make an initial high investment. The costs are transparent and predictable (BI as a Service).

Sesam Mietlösung

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Your controlling department still works with manual
dataprocessing programs?

Your controlling department still works with manual
dataprocessing programs?

Are you looking for a quickly implemented, customized BI solution for your company?

Are you looking for a quickly implemented, customized BI solution for your company?

Sesam in action