Sesam vorkonfiguriertes Business Warehouse

Sesam – Out-of-the-Box standard reports and company-specific solutions

Sesam is a preconfigured Business Intelligence solution for SMEs which is based on SAP Business Warehouse, SAP Enterprise Portal and Microsoft Azure. Sesam is a tool to analyze and evaluate key figures of individual departments. With the help of these key figures you can monitor your company’s development in the long term and react to changes quickly and based on good information.



The standard reports portfolio of Sesam is installed out-of-the-Box and includes the following reporting sections:


  • sales / turnover

  • order intake

  • order book

  • range of order backlog


  • monthly and annual financial statements

  • open items

  • overviews of profitability and more


  • sales

  • costs

  • revenues

  • sales planning


  • purchasing volume

  • open orders

  • cash discount analysis

  • supplier evaluation


  • stock of inventory

  • range of coverage

Master data

  • customers

  • suppliers

  • materials

  • etc.


  • Absatz / Umsatz

  • Auftragseingang

  • Auftragsbestand

  • Reichweite des Auftragsbestands


  • Monats- und Jahresabschlüsse

  • Offene Posten

  • Übersichten zu bspw. Rentabilität


  • Umsatz

  • Kosten

  • Erlöse

  • Umsatzplanung


  • Einkaufsvolumen

  • Offene Bestellungen

  • Skontoanalyse

  • Lieferantenbewertung


  • Lagerbestand

  • Reichweiten


  • Kunden

  • Lieferanten

  • Produkte

  • etc.

The underlying data have to be contained in SAP ERP. A company consolidation is not carried out.

Apart from the standard reports mentioned here, individual reports can be developed. The implementation of customer-specific reports is based on a template and takes place after the installation of the standard applications.

Clear and intuitive analysis tool

The finished reports are issued via the Sesam Portal which is based on the SAP Enterprise Portal  and is provided with an intuitive ribbon which is based on the latest technical standard. You can navigate quickly and easily through the evaluation and follow your company’s development.


All the advantages of the analysis tool at a glance:

state-of-the-art Ribbon in MS Excel style

intuitive user guide

self-service BI thanks to maximum matrix for each department

dynamic through drill-down and navigation

interactive cause research

target-actual comparisons provide transparency

Sesam in comparison with classical SAP BI solutions

Many SMEs shy away from the financial and human effort which is entailed with the implementation of a Business Intelligence solution. However, with the right partner, an efficient solution can be neither expensive nor tedious. With Sesam you do not have high upfront costs you pay a monthly rental fee instead. To get you enjoying the efficient application quickly, we implement Sesam in 20 days in your company. Moreover, you can test the Sesam application for 20 days without obligation and at your leisure.

Classic SAP BI project



about 3 man years 20 days


mostly on premises Microsoft Cloud Germany in monthly rental fee
or on premises

SAP Business Warehouse

new installation pre-configuration


individual out-of-the-box standard reports,
individual reports based on templates

Operation, Support & Further development

1-4 employees
Sesam support team,
updates included in rental fee


investment lost termination of rent

Analyzing instead of philosophizing

With Sesam you no longer need to discuss and philosophize about the causes of a change in your company. Instead, you have all the evaluations at a glance, and you can search for the reasons quickly and intuitively. Sesam is aimed at SMEs which

need Business Intelligence but shy away from the effort of implementing a classical solution

want to see results quickly instead of endless discussions with a consulting team

do not have adequate resources for the operation and development of a BI solution

want to outsource their existing SAP Business Warehouse

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Installing a client is not necessary.

Your controlling department still works with manual
dataprocessing programs?

Your controlling department still works with manual
dataprocessing programs?

Are you looking for a quickly implemented, customized BI solution for your company?

Are you looking for a quickly implemented, customized BI solution for your company?

Sesam in action