Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) means that the computer programs do not have to be bought by the users; they are rented instead. Each user pays a monthly rental fee to the SaaS provider instead of having to invest a large sum in advance. Operation, support and further development of the software are provided by the SaaS provider. The user can therefore concentrate on using the software. Sesam is also based on this Software-as-a-Service principle. Thus, entrepreneurs and employees can enjoy many benefits.

Web-based cloud solution for mobile access from anywhere

Software-as-a-Service is operated in the cloud, a web-based store service, so no local installation of the software is necessary. You have access to the software from anywhere. When you have an away appointment or you are absent for any reason for a long period of time, you simply open your browser and then open your Software-as-a-Service. With the help of the cloud solution and the preconfigured reports, the costs for installation, operation and support are significantly reduced – savings which can be achieved can be passed on to the customer. Sesam is therefore offered at a significantly lower price in comparison with traditional licensing solutions.

Sesam BI as a Service

More reasons for using Software-as-a-Service

Transparent costs

For traditional licensing models usually a large amount of money has to be invested initially. Not infrequently, the estimated costs increase in the course of the development. Using Software-as-a-Service you simply pay a transparent monthly rental fee. This includes software usage, operation, support plus further development of the software. You can save additional personnel costs for operation and support, and you do not have to spend an additional budget if you want to have the program changed and extended.

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Individual and flexible

Software-as-a-Service can usually be adapted to your individual company requirements. With Sesam, customer-specific applications can quickly be configured in most cases. The applications can usually be extended without any problems. New users are registered with appropriate permissions. Updates can be loaded onto the cloud by the SaaS service provider at any time.

Fast implementation

Thanks to Software-as-a-Service and the cloud you have access to the application significantly quicker. On the one hand, installation on site is unnecessary; on the other hand, the company’s data is usually imported faster than in a licensed version. Moreover, you can benefit from the action 20+20 when you use Sesam. We implement your software within only 20 days. For the following 20 days you can test the functions of the program for free.

Comparably economical tool

The software is not installed on site but is operated in the cloud. The costs that can be saved through using the cloud and the standardization of the software installation, operation and support, are directly passed on to you as a customer. Therefore, Sesam and other SaaS models are cheaper in comparison with classic licensing models.

Mobile access possible

If you have internet access, you can get access to the cloud and open your software anytime, anywhere.

Highest compatibility

Each employee of a company has access to the same software version because the updates take place directly in the cloud. New versions are available to all users at the same time.

Modern, current application

Software-as-a-Service programs are usually open for more developments and innovations. These are loaded into the cloud through updates and are available for all users at the same time.

More time for the core business

The Software-as-a-Service provider takes over the complete servicing of the software. You do not have to think about operation, support and development, so you can completely concentrate on the usage of the application.

Sesam: flexible, individual, inexpensive

Sesam is operated as an Software-as-a-Service concept. In comparison with other SAP Business Intelligence solutions there is the advantage that no high investment is needed. You pay a monthly fee instead. Your costs remain clear and transparent at all times. You do not have to wonder about operation and support, and you can concentrate fully on using Sesam.

Because of the preconfigured character, the standard Business Intelligence solution of Sesam can be installed in the Microsoft Cloud Germany within 20 days. Thanks to the standardization and provision via the cloud, we can offer Sesam at a significantly lower price than traditional licensing solutions can. However, you do not have to do without individual reports.