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Local installation


Microsoft Cloud Germany

Sesam can be installed on your local server as well as in the Microsoft Cloud Germany. Those who opt for Microsoft Cloud Germany can access their company data from anywhere. Installation, operation and support of the Business Intelligence application are made even easier and faster by the Microsoft Cloud Germany. In addition, the costs for installation, operation and support are significantly reduced. Moreover, licenses can be shared and thereby license costs can be saved.

Advantages of the cloud installation

Availability 24/7

Sesam is available for you 7 days per week for 24 hours

Access from anywhere

Whether in the office or on the road Sesam is available from anywhere via your browser

Current release status

Updates are installed outside the regular working hours overnight or at weekends

Consistent performance

Fast working, the speed can be even higher than with a local installation

More cost-effective

Costs of installation, operation, support and licenses can be saved in comparision to local installations

Hardware state-of-the-art

Work with high-performance, state-of-the-art hardware

High access security

Encrypted access via secure Internet connection (https) and high password complexity

Data storage in Germany

Storage of data according to German data protection law in Microsoft Cloud Germany

Technical support

Powerful support for application and technical problems

Integrated backup

Extensive security and system availability, also in an emergency